Driftwood (Jan '24 - Dec '24)
this year's images.

An ongoing collection of the images I've taken this year, images that don't fit into any other category. Most of these won't go to Instagram and are just here for my own records. 

I don't take a lot of pictures, at least not pictures that are worth sharing. A lot of the time I'm playing around with a new recipe and trying that out so there's a lot of images of my office, the trees at the front of the house, my book cabinet, you get the idea. 
But you don't always have to go out to take photos - they're all around you. You just need to look and click the shutter. And they don't have to hang in the Museum of Modern Art either - they just have to exist.

This page aims to give a home to the driftwood, the flotsam and jetsam of life.